About Us

Our Founders

Hi, I am Michael Sobie, creator of Care Chat. I came up with the idea for Care Chat after my partner, Julie, and I began to care for older adults in our family – they are the inspiration for our business.

We both know how important it is to both ladies to maintain their independence yet we worry about their safety and wellbeing. We are also aware that within family systems, care taking of seniors tends to fall on one or two individuals. That’s when Julie (an MSW and PhD) and myself (with 15 years as a manager in the call center industry) came up with the concept of Care Chat. With a daily check-in call and email task list distributed to the entire support network we are able to monitor, safety, wellbeing, the seniors needs, and get everyone involved.

Overall, Julie and I have become passionate about allowing older adults to maintain their independence longer, improve their overall wellbeing, and build stronger connections within families.

Our Inspirations

Meet Dorothy. My mother, Dorothy (age 85) lives on her own an hour away from our home. She was always a very kind, caring, mother of four who wouldn’t complain or say something bad about someone even if she was offered a large sum of money. She always figures out a way to be cheerful, grateful, lovely and polite. She never wants to burden any of her children but yet she’s starting to have some extra needs (housework takes her much longer and she now needs a nap after). With regular check-ins, we save her from struggling on her own with tasks, and possible loneliness (she would never call and ask for anything on her own).

Meet Norma. Julie’s grandmother, Norma (age – we aren’t sure, she won’t tell us or the government but somewhere in the 90s) up until a couple of months ago, lived independently a block away from us. Norma is 4 foot 8 inches tall and roughly 75 pounds of ‘fury’. She is fiercely independent and even though we try to hire people to help her over the years they usually don’t make it past the front door. She fires everyone. As our first client, we knew if we could make Norma happy, we could handle anything. We are proud to report that Norma loves our check-ins and with the daily task lists everyone is pitching in. Julie’s family (including her cousins) are now closer than ever before.