At Care Chat, we realize how difficult if may be to obtain relevant information regarding the Caring of Seniors. In order to assist with the Care of Seniors, we have listed some documents below that may be of interest to Seniors, Care Givers or Family of Elderly individuals.

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12 Steps to Stair Safety at Home

A Portrait of Seniors in Canada

Accounting Definitions

Active Living Helps Arthritis

Aerobic Fitness for Older Adults

Anxiety Disorders

Arthritis Info Sheet for Seniors

Bill of Rights – Long Term Care Homes

Bladder Control Problems

Breast Cancer Prevention and Treatment

Canada’s Aging Population

Caring for elderly people at home

Coping With Stress


Eat Well, Live Well for a Lifetime

Exercise For Your Heart’s Sake

First Steps – For Families of Those With Alzheimer Disease

Food Safety for Older Adults

Food Safety for Older Adults guide

Foot care – Info Sheet for Seniors

Healthy Eating and Regular Physical Activity

Hearing Loss – Info Sheet for Seniors

Heart Disease – Info Sheet for Seniors

How Families are Affected by Depression

Isolation – Studies on Isolation among Seniors

Osteoarthritis Guide

Osteoporosis – Info Sheet for Seniors

Palliative Care – Info Sheet for Seniors

Power of Attorney & Living Wills – Questions and Answers

Power of Attorney Kit

Preventing Falls – Info Sheet for Seniors

Preventing Falls In and Around your Home

Responding to Stressful Events

Safe Medication use for Seniors

Senior Friendly Ideas for Healthy Eating

Strokes – Info Sheet for Seniors

The Safe Living Guide – A Guide to Home Safety for Seniors

Sleep Issues – What to Do if You Can’t Sleep, are Anxious or Worried

Type 2 Diabetes – Info Sheet for Seniors

Vision Care

Vision Care – Info Sheet for Seniors

What is Alzheimer Disease

Winter Safety Tips

Care Chat would like to graciously thank the creators and authors of the documents listed above.