Care Chat offers a daily weekday telephone check-in service with warm and trained professionals to ensure continual contact with potentially isolated seniors.

For a low monthly fee, a Care Chat representative will telephone your loved one every weekday to check-in to see that everything is fine. We will then distribute a message letting a network of family & friends know your loved one is safe.




1. Better Health

It is well documented that even brief daily telephone call improves overall mental and emotional health of older individuals.

2. Continuous Contact 

We at Care Chat know that it is often hard for friends and family to always be in contact with the seniors they care about. Our service ensures that your senior is always connected with their entire support network. We have also found that our daily emails prompt friends and family to do more of their own checking in, chatting, and visiting.

3. Everyone Is Informed

A daily check-in really assists with letting the entire support network know, on a constant basis, the status of their loved one. Often this status changes and it is important that these changes are noted and well known to everyone.

4. Everyone Gets Involved 

We also understand that often the majority of care giving falls on one or two people in the family. Our daily task lists let everyone know exactly what needs to be done and how they can help out. We have found this is especially useful for the men in the family who genuinely care, but don’t know what they can do. (It is very similar to the “honey do” list Mike gets every Saturday morning but this list is sent out every weekday to the entire support team).

5. Overall Better Care

Care Chat helps families remain informed, involved, and connected to their seniors. Care giving is spread out more evenly and changes in your seniors needs are noted in a timely manner so that – as needs arise – they can be addressed promptly. As well, if we notice a need that is difficult for the support team to fulfill, we offer referrals to public and private services nearby. Overall, your senior will be more connected to friends/family and will have their needs more immediately met ensuring better overall wellbeing.