blockquoteMy Dad passed away a few years ago and my Mom lives alone. I travel a lot for work and worry about how she is doing when I’m not around. I liked the idea of getting a daily email knowing she’s OK sent to my phone. Mom likes hearing from the people at Care Chat, but more importantly, it really puts my mind at ease. Thanks!!

CJ – Richmond Hill


“I kept trying to explain to my friends and family that my mom was having a difficult time managing on her own these days. My brothers and sisters thought I was exaggerating and trying to move her to a home. With Care Chat they came to realize how she is really doing and we all were able to co-ordinate to get her the in-home care that she needs and deserves”.

DH – Scarborough


“One day, the Care Chat representative emailed an alert that my mom had not picked up the phone on three tries. I had the next-door neighbor check on her and call me, which was a good thing because she had forgotten to take her medication and had become disoriented. Thanks to Care Chat no harm came to my mom that day”.

DB – Toronto


“We started to notice that the Care Chat messages included task lists that were increasingly getting long. It seemed as though my dad was had a harder time managing his daily tasks. Thanks to referrals from Care Chat he now gets his meals delivered and the benefit of a visiting volunteer. I am glad he didn’t have to struggle longer than necessary before we noticed he needed some extra help”.

RW – Toronto